We Pwned DIG London 2012!

DIG is a great Video Game and Web event held at the London ON convention center yearly. It showcases a great spread of talent and local game development studios get to show off what they have in the works.

Game studios that made a big splash on the show floor were Big Viking Games, Big Blue BubbleDigital Extremes and ourselves of course!  All had great displays/conference experience. I will have to give kudos to Big Viking for giving out cotton candy, fuzzy viking hats and plastic viking weapons.

If you are interested in seeing some more DIG stuff checkout their website or search of the #DIG2012 hashtag on Twitter.

Will Pwn 4 Food - Free T-shirts, DIG London, booth babes,

Last but not least, tonight is still our game tournament is on tonight:

$500 in prizes.... Nov. 15 Tournament. Gaming for Money.


November 15, 2012
9:00 PM – 10:00 PM EST
$500 in prizes

What you do:
1. Go to https://willpwn4food.com/competitions.aspx
2. Sign up/login.
3. Pay entry Fee.
4. On November 15, 2012 (9PM – 10PM EST) log on to www.willpwn4food.com and hit “PLAY” to start joining games.
5. Play as many games as you can between 9PM and 10PM EST. The person with the most points at the end of the hour wins!

1st Place $250
2nd Place $100
3rd Place $75
4th Place $50
5th Place $25




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